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Paradise by the …

So it comes down to this.

Meat Loaf endorses Romney.

Billy Ray Cyrus endorses Obama.

We’ve reached the point of C-list (at best) celebrities endorsing politicians. And for what purpose?

Honestly, does ANYONE think the opinions of these fine gentlemen will influence even ONE vote in this year’s presidential election? Neither one is exactly burning up the music charts these days.

What is it that makes famous folks of any stripe — actors, musicians, chefs, authors — think their endorsement matters? Do they really belive they can make a difference in the way people vote?

Don’t get me wrong. I firmly support the right of celebrities and non-celebrities alike to speak their minds. That’s a fundamental part of American democracy. But there’s no reason to expect that their opinion is any more valuable, or any more rational, than my next door neighbor’s.

Mr. Loaf might believe his presence could sway undecided voters toward Romney. But think about it.  His biggest hit album (Loaf’s, not Romney’s) was released in 1977.  He hasn’t been a significant presence in the music world in decades. He’s actually never had a presence in politics.  So why would we consider his opinion relevant?

And Billy Ray Cyrus’s career follows a similar trajectory. Today’ he’s better known as the father of Hannah Montana.

Do political endorsements matter at all? Sure. An endorsement by a respected diplomat or statesman or stateswoman carries some weight.  But in the end, the vast majority of voters are far more likely to make up their own minds about a candidate than listen to any outside voice. And that’s as it should be.

Ah, but if only we could get someone (Cee Lo?) to create a mashup of  “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and “Achy, Breaky Heart.”


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