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Back to Basics

Sometimes you just gotta get back to the basics of what really matters in life.

My lovely bride and I had an opportunity to do just that  over the weekend. We picked up some friends at the airport who had flown down to spend some quality time at the beach. We drove them to their rented beachfront condo, helped them shop for groceries and other necessities for two weeks, then went out to dinner together.

It was a fantastic evening. Our friends knew a lovely little beachside seafood restaurant where we sat on the deck, watched the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico and shared tales of adventures past and future.

The food was ok.  The cover band was good, playing songs from the past 30 years or so. And of course, the company was wonderful. We go back a long way with these folks, so we had plenty to laugh and reminisce about as we dined.

And for at least a little while,  the four of us managed to forget the concerns of job stress, bills, wayward pets destroying the furniture and all the myriad  issues we all face daily.  We really did have everything we needed — our spouses, our friends, a beautiful sunset, good food and drink and music.

Sometimes, life really is that simple.


About The Walrus

Welcome. I am the Walrus. As the Lewis Carroll quote implies, I am interested in many things. News, sports, business, cars, planes, boats, pop culture of all sorts, science, technology, literature, music, art, you name it. I’m quite opinionated, and always appreciate other people who are. Let me know what you think.

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