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In the business world, meetings are a necessary evil. Sure, they’re needed as a way to share information, set goals and objectives and recognize achievement, but is there an employee or employer anywhere who truly looks forward to them? How many people have actually said “I’m excited about the meetings we’re going to have”?

While I’ve never been a big fan of meetings, I didn’t come to dread them until I had a job as a manager a few years ago. The powers that be in the human resources department decided the employee handbook needed updating. What followed was weeks of excruciatingly dull department head meetings in which we could easily spend an hour debating whether a sentence should start with “A” or “The.” There was literally no detail too small to be argued. It was exhausting.  It kept managers out of our departments for hours. Meetings were beyond boring to the point of catatonia. But eventually the handbook was revised successfully — with very few changes from the original wording.

Fortunately, my current employer is considerably more enlightened, and requires few routine meetings. But we’re embarking on a new project that demands weekly meetings to keep all team members informed and up to date. We should be able to have some good — brief — discussions of the project. But if we get around to discussing the “A” or “The” question, wake me when it’s over.


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Welcome. I am the Walrus. As the Lewis Carroll quote implies, I am interested in many things. News, sports, business, cars, planes, boats, pop culture of all sorts, science, technology, literature, music, art, you name it. I’m quite opinionated, and always appreciate other people who are. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Weekly meeting on Monday and Friday, too many meetings to waste time.


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