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There are no words. None. There is no way to adequately capture the horror and anguish of the Aurora theater shooting in words.

How does one describe the feeling of knowing 12 innocent people died and 58 more were wounded because one man decided to become an executioner? How can we convey the sense of loss, the potential that will never be realized, the families that will forever be missing a precious part?

Oh, there will BE words. Millions and millions of them, attempting to explain the madness. There will be calls for gun control. There will be calls for more armed citizens. There will be calls for better mental health screening, tighter security in public places, the elimination of violent images. And there will be words upon words upon words written and spoken by those who would try to make sense of a brutal, senseless act.

But none of the words will matter more than the names of the souls we lost on that bitter night in Aurora, Colorado, They are:

Jonathan Blunk

A.J. Boik

Jesse Childress

Gordon Cowden

Jessica Ghawi

John Larimer

Matthew McQuinn

Micayla Medek

Veronica Moser-Sullivan

Alex Sullivan

Alexander Teves

Rebecca Wingo

May they be remembered for the people they were, the love they brought to others, the light they brought to the world.

As for the alleged gunman, although he won’t be forgotten, he deserves no further fame. His name will not be mentioned here. If there can be justice for what he has done – and I’m not sure it’s possible – may he find it swift. Remember the 12. Remember the 58. Forget the one.


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  1. Well said.


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