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Wildlife in Walrusland

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At the moment, Chateau Walrus has two new residents. There’s a little brown rabbit in the back yard, and a little green snake somewhere in the garage. I would be considerably happier if they swapped places.

Yes, I know, most snakes are good, and bunnies can attack unsuspecting canoeists (ask Jimmy Carter). But all things considered, if I’m going to be reaching for something on a garage shelf and encounter a live animal, I’d prefer it to be something small and furry, not something cold-blooded and wriggly. But we can’t always choose our wildlife encounters.

The most remarkable thing about the rabbit is that our two dogs aren’t bothered by it in the least. They’re both chihuahua mixes, and one’s a little high-strung. But when they go out into the yard, they can be within just a few feet of the bunny (who is smart enough to freeze, at least at first) and not pay any attention to him or her. It almost seems like they don’t see — or smell — the rabbit.

Our yard isn’t fenced, so the pups go out on leashes, meaning Mr./Ms. Cottontail is quite safe in any event. But it’s still an odd sight to see a rabbit within 5 feet or so of the dogs and no reaction from any of the three.

Not sure how the dogs would react to snakes, and I’m in no hurry to find out. But if any snakes are reading this, be warned: The dogs are vicious, snake-eating machines! Stay out of the garage if you don’t want to be their dinner!


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